On the occasion of the latest edition of MakeUp in Paris, Sleever International presented an innovating technological solution perfectly adapted to the packaging of nail polishes.

The Sleever Make-Up Nail Polish solution was developed to meet the trends of the hybrid nail polish market, and is structured around 3 offers to meet the demands of marketing teams by reproducing on the bottle the effect of the polish on the nails :

- Perfect colors with the Sleever® Colortech and its array of colours that allow to revive the reds, the blacks, the beiges and the grays.

- Special effects with the Sleever® Colortech Special Effects and its wide range of special effects to match make-up products, with iridescent or opalescent varnishes, golds, coppers, silvers, and matte or high-sheen effects.

- Nail Art with the Skinsleever® 3D effect that offers innovation effects for a new sensory dimension. Surface effects or tactile effects are offered for the very first time; wood grains, metals, textiles, stones, wild skins, leathers are a perfect match with the demands of Nail Art.

The Sleever Make-Up solution enables you to leverage your product and give it a premium effect while meeting the needs of limited editions with a short time-to-market. All these innovations will enable each make-up product to develop or strengthen its identity with these exclusive effects,” explains Sleever International in a release.