Developed for ultra-fluid formulas, Star Drop features a soft and easily "squeezable" bottle to dispense just the right amount of product. Its dispensing system features a patented valve technology, which automatically cuts off the product flow as soon as the pressure on the barrel drops, with an instant retraction effect sucking the formula back inside the pack. This technology ensures clean and controlled dispensing, with no leak hazard. The packaging pipette applicator - also patented - is transparent to see the product rise inside the tip and to control and deliver more easily the desired amount of formula, drop by drop.

Ergonomic design

Star Drop was recently chosen by two brands that actively support sustainable beauty, Laboratoires de Biarritz for Face & Body Self-Tanning Drops and Ouate Paris for My 1,2,3 Sunshine Sunscreen.

These are the first 100% skincare launches for Star Drop, emphasizes Aptar Beauty + Home. According to the expert of consumer product dispensing solutions, the two French brands have been convinced by the ergonomic design of the packaging, which makes it easy to use, and by its ready to use compact format. Furthermore, it is perfectly suited for fluid and ultra-fluid formulas and is compliant with ECOCERT/COSMOS specifications regarding organic formulas.

"Star Drop provides a satisfying almost magical sensation of control as exact dosages are dispensed. The gesture is super simple for consumers but the level of precision is unparalleled," said Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director Beauty EMEA Aptar Beauty + Home.

Recyclable packaging

Robust enough for e- commerce (ISTA-6 certified), Star Drop is also compatible with PP recycling streams to ensure the recyclability of the full pack. Eventually, in order to further decrease the environmental footprint of the packaging, it is now possible to integrate recycled content in the packaging.

Eventually, Aptar Beauty + Home has adapted its offer to address the expectations of the most agile brands. The supplier now offers Star Drop in smaller quantities (MOQ 5k pieces) and makes it available in only two weeks for standard packs.