The global supplier of pumps and sprayers in the beauty, home and health markets, has partnered with Australian brand Bondi Sands for their newly launched self-tanning range, Pure.

Indeed, the brand’s new ‘Pure Self Tan Foaming Water’ utilizes Silgan Dispensing’s EZ’R foamer, which features a first-to-market foam application that is 100% recyclable in polypropylene (PP) streams and made entirely from plastic components.

In addition to its eco-friendly design, the EZ’R foamer was selected for its simple, easy-to-use dispensing capability, which requires no priming and creates propellant-free foam,” said Silgan Dispensing in a statement.

The foaming engine is made from 50% fewer components compared to traditional foamers, which also makes it 52% lighter. Additionally, EZ’R dispenses twice as much foam than a traditional foamer.

EZ’R is a perfect complement to Bondi Sands’ Pure range in that it provides a sustainable dispensing solution without compromising foam quality,” said Lara Martínez Alemany, Product Line Manager, EU Personal Care Dispensing, Silgan Dispensing. “We’re excited to see the market’s positive reception to Pure, as well as EZ’R’s integration with other skin, household and personal care products.

Bondi Sands’ Pure range will be available worldwide from January 4 in retailers throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Originally developed by Albéa, EZ’R is now part of Silgan Dispensing’s portfolio since the acquisition the French group’s dispensing business last year.