Albéa’s Dispensing Systems division, world’s leader in foam packaging solutions, has presented EZ’R, its latest patented foam technology, at the latest edition of the Cosmopack tradeshow, which was held on April 02-05, 2014 in Bologna, Italy.

Easier product use

Albéa’s aim was to simplify the way consumers use foaming personal care products, while offering a constant foam quality all along the product lifetime, with no propellant gaz.

Consumers can enjoy constant high-quality foam with a one-hand squeeze on an upside down bottle,” said Laure Deschamps, Product Manager Foam at Albéa. “Foam is dispensed with a fun and convenient gesture. This is ideal for a variety of applications, including facial care, baby care, shampoos and shower gels, sun care, and much more.

Environmental benefits

EZ’R also addresses consumers’ preoccupations about sustainability. Indeed, the new foamer allows reducing water consumption and packaging size.

With foam, water consumption decreases up to 22 percent in comparison to liquid soap products. Also, EZ’R needs up to 65 percent less formula per body wash usage, which allows a packaging size reduction up to 50 percent,” adds Laure Deschamps. In the case of liquid soaps, it means up to 1,500 litres of water per year and per person.

EZ’R thus helps optimizing the supply chain and shelf space. EZ’R is developed and manufactured in Alkmaar (Holland) and Thomaston (U.S.A.). It has been conceived with a snap-on, flip-top cap and is designed for a one-step filling process. For a greater on-shelf differentiation, EZ’R provides unlimited design possibilities of bottles and flip-top caps.

Albéa’s new foamer is available in three sizes: 150, 250 and 300 ml.