To sustain its international growth strategy and with a view to remaining closer to its regional clients and consumers, Silab will in January 2014 a subsidiary in Sigapore.

This fifth promoting platform will be dedicated to both promoting Silab’s natural cosmetic active ingredients towards all direct customers as well to managing distributors, current and future, for the whole South-East Asian territory.

Ms Fatima-Zahra Rzin and Mr Jean-Philippe Cosson

Ms Fatima-Zahra Rzin and Mr Jean-Philippe Cosson

The French manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients has appointed Fatima-Zahra Rzin as manager of this new structure, which will be named Silab South East Asia.

Singapore was of course chosen by Silab with a view to setting up its office as close as possible to research centres belonging to the largest international cosmetics companies. This office will thus strengthen its position throughout the Asia-Pacific zone while being supported by its network of local distributors,Silab explains in a release.

This platform, as well as those that exist already in the United States (Silab Inc.), Brazil (Silab South America), South Korea (Silab South Korea) and China (Silab China), is under the responsibility of Mr Jean-Philippe Cosson, Commercial and Marketing Director of Silab.