Sephora has just announced that hands free beauty tutorials will now be...

Sephora has just announced that hands free beauty tutorials will now be available on Google Nest Hub in France

Allowing beauty customers to watch hands free beauty tutorials, the new beauty coach created by Sephora for Google Nest Hub, the voice controlled smart display device for Google Assistant, is now available in Franace.

"All you have to say is ‘Hey Google, talk to Sephora’. From there, it is possible to control the device using only the voice command to pause the video, go to the next step for a while or go back, to review a crucial step," said Sephora in a statement.

For this launch, Sephora offers six tutorials dedicated to: foundation, contouring, eyeliner, smokey eyes, express makeup, and tired eyes.

French beauty addicts will have the possibility to test the device for three weeks (from May 28 to June 20, 2019) in the Sephora store of La Défense, in Paris, France. A preview will also be available on the LVMH booth at Viva Technology on 16-18 May 2019 in Paris.

Viva Technology will also be the opportunity for Sephora to present all of its digital innovations.

For instance, to illustrate the impact of fun and innovative phygital experiences, the beauty retailer will showcase Sephora Collection, its virtual augmented reality mobile pop-up store.

As far as payment technologies are concerned, Sephora - together with La Grande Épicerie de Paris - will focus on the scan-and-go NEOS Mobile Payment solution, which allows a seamless and instant cashierless checkout to customers.

Eventually, visitors will have the opportunity to meet with three women-led start-ups, which were accompanied by the Sephora Accelerate program: Beauty Mix (founded by Nelly Pitt), Ho Karan (founded by Laure Bouguen), and Abhati Suisse (founded by Anju Rupal).

The Viva Technology show, like CES in Las Vegas, its North American counterpart, is becoming a must-attend event in the world of consumer electronics and new technologies. Several beauty giants will participate in the event, including the L’Oréal group, which will present “Limitless Beauty”, their most recent tech innovations.