Dr. Joerg Karas, Schwan Cosmetics

Dr. Joerg Karas, Schwan Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - Themed “Surprising Application”, Schwan Cosmetics will present two new formulas at Make Up in Paris!

Jörg Karas - Yes, as you know our formulas continuously keep pushing boundaries and offer our clients great opportunities to address the consumers with an extra value. One concept we’ll show will be a new generation of kajal pencil featuring a unique waterline application and the other a new eyeshadow texture with a beautiful powdery finish. The unexpected and novel application properties of these two new formulas will surprise consumers and customers alike. Another formula novelty at the show will be a new lip pencil with an astonishing velvety matte finish.

Premium Beauty News - In term of packaging also?

Jörg Karas - In terms of packaging, one of the new items from Schwan Cosmetics will be a highly innovative mechanical packaging specifically designed for absolute precision. It comes with two new state-of-the-art formulas for lip and eye with fantastic application and wear properties. The new must-have for your daily make up. Last but not least there will be a new sharpenable pencil presented that is simply elegant, puristic and classy.

Premium Beauty News - Generally speaking, your philosophy in term of R & D is influence by the trends?

Jörg Karas - In the sector of pencils our position is clearly to define trends or to provide unique application properties in formerly unknown formats. Where others just provide pencils, we provide more. Our specific product properties are supported by up-to-date marketing ideas through monthly mail sets and complete promotion packages.

Our regular trend reports provide information on current sector trends and detailed studies of consumer preferences. With our "Colours" Trend Report, we provide a service that shows our customers next year’s make-up colors – today.

At Schwan Cosmetics we always keep up with the market by paying attention to detail and maintaining a clear view of the bigger picture. One of our central Marketing tasks is to promptly and consistently translate trends into sustainable product ideas through comprehensive monitoring and regular trend analysis.

Behind this service, exclusively produced for our customers, is a compact package consisting of an elaborately photographed trend report with examples of make-up themes and the corresponding cosmetic pencils and products in the colors of the coming year - Colours is the short cut to a trend-oriented colour range.

Premium Beauty News - Recently, it was the birthday of a famous product of Schwan Cosmetics?

Jörg Karas - 25 years ago, “Addition”, the very first slim cosmetic pencil with a twist mechanism, was developed. The technique of pouring lead mass directly into the pencil’s plastic case was at that time considered revolutionary and generated many followers throughout the industry. To this day this eye- and lipliner is one of the most manufactured products at our global locations and a must have to any modern woman. With our unique formula technology and constant innovations Schwan keeps the position as leading global manufacturer in this sector.

To meet the demanding requirements of application and wear characteristics of modern formulas and to stay at the top, it is imperative to continuously push manufacturing- and casting technology further ahead. This was also one of the reasons to invest 5 million euro last year in the reconstruction of the cosmetics factory in Heroldsberg. Together with the “birthday boy” this is where the company now produces various other very successful products under the most modern conditions.