Schwan Cosmetics new hybrid formulation contains no less than 91% Natural Origin Content (NOC) as well as skincare ingredients enriched with nourishing vitamins E and C.

Designed to provide a soft and gliding application, the Brow Friends Forever (BFF) brow liner is “easy to blend and correct”. According to Schwan Cosmetics, it allows users to effortlessly achieve flawless, natural-looking brows. Its waterproof and sweat-proof clean and vegan formula promises long-lasting results throughout the day.

The mechanical pencil design offers an easy-to-use, precise application, while the formula combines natural oils, pure pigments, and powder fillers for easy blending and a buildable brow finish. A selection of structuring waxes and smart fillers ensure precise strokes,” said Schwan Cosmetics.

Custom colours on demand

BFF was premiered at the latest edition of MakeUp in Paris, last June, with six standard shades currently available to cover the entire brow spectrum and cater to different preferences, including a universal brown shade that accommodates all tones. However, Schwan Cosmetics will develop any specific custom colours upon request.

Inspired by the Y2K aesthetic, the packaging design combines vibrant colours, shiny materials, and pearlescent shades for a playful and nostalgic vibe. Of course, all the packaging decorations can be customised to perfectly match with the brand’s identity.

Panel test

In a panel test conducted prior to the launch, 100% of participants were satisfied with the product properties of BFF, and 97% confirmed that it provided long-lasting brow results. [1]

"BFF addresses the growing consumer demand for clean beauty products," said Elza Davida, Product Manager Brow at Schwan Cosmetics. “We noticed the limited availability of mechanical brow liners with high Natural Origin Content (NOC) that meet these criteria. With BFF, we wanted to fill this gap by offering a sustainable, high-performance brow liner with a focus on clean ingredients. This is another step forward in our liner leader-ship journey as we refuse to compromise on performance.

At MakeUp in Paris, Schwan Cosmetics also presented an upgraded version of their makeup pencils made from Sulapac’s sustainable and biodegradable biomaterials.