Launched globally on at the occasion of Cosmopack Bologna, the Pure On-The-Glow Concealer (a liquid concealer with a sheer light-diffusing finish and instant moisturizing effect) and Pure Easy-Peasy-Glow Concealer (a lightweight formulation offering an instant moisturizing effect with a light, diffused finish, and medium coverage to create a natural look) are the latest additions to Schwan Cosmetics’ face portfolio.

Combining colours and skin care benefits

Inspired by skinimalism and with the aim to streamline the daily beauty routine of consumers, the new products combine colours and skin care benefits.

Our team of experts worked diligently to achieve the perfect formula balance, which contains Hyaluronic Acid and Erythritol, a moisturizing derivative of fermented sugar. That way, the skin feels fresh and hydrated. Looking forward, we are excited to continue exploring the inter-section of colour and care in our future R&D efforts. This new concealer concept is just the beginning of our commitment to creating innovative face products that seamlessly blend the benefits of skincare ingredients with the power of colour cosmetics,” said Katrin Hollmann-Raabe, Director Formula Development, at Schwan Cosmetics.

Proven benefits

Clinical studies have proven the skin benefits delivered by the new concealers. “Our efficacy study [1] confirmed that more than 90% of volunteers had a significant reduction in under-eye bags and increased skin tightness, smoothness, and moisture,” highlighted Leonardo Luce, Head of Competence Unit Color & Care, at Schwan Cosmetics.

Furthermore, 91% of consumers reported smoother skin at the crow‘s feet, and 100% noted a moisturizing effect on their skin after applying the concealers.

Alongside the new concealers, Schwan Cosmetics also showcased a wider collective of highlighters, blushers, and primers to celebrate a comfort-first mindset and no-size-fits-all-approach to skincare-colour-cosmetic-hybrids. In addition, Schwan Cosmetics unveiled the first felt tip pencil liquid eyeliner and also showcased their colour cosmetic pencils made with Sulapac sustainable and biodegradable biomaterials.