A global study conducted by Firmenich reveals consumers increasingly look for perfumed products that make them feel good and convey cleanliness and safety. Beyond the sanitary dimension, they feel the need to smell pleasure and wellness perfumes.

So, it was only natural that they rediscovered home fragrances through new, more or less technical rituals: candles, sticks and diffusers. The home market (12 billion dollars) has become hybrid. Functionality, safety, aesthetics, and hedonism are the main qualities of these new perfumed accessories.

Ever-more natural candles

A reminiscence of the first scented fires, candles are still popular, although combustion’s harmfulness is pointed at. To better meet expectations of consumers concerned about health and air quality, brands have reviewed the wax-wick-perfume trio. From now on, candles will have to combine naturalness and ecology, while preserving their image of homely ritual.

For example, Samuel Guez, founder in 2015 of My Jolie Candle, a young brand specialized in eco-friendly, affordable candles, confirms these trends: “Usually, with its warm, exotic notes, the Monoï scent is our bestseller. But since the Covid crisis, we have noticed a craze for our Linge Frais (fresh linen) candle, which has become no. 1, followed by Fleur de Cerisier (cherry flower) and Fleur de Coton (cotton flower). Right now, our customers feel like smelling familiar, soft, comfy fragrances. In addition, young customers, who are much concerned about the environment, like the fact that our candles are based on 100% plant-derived soya and coconut wax”.

Eco-friendly innovation and hedonism

As regards diffusers, eco-friendly innovation and hedonism lie at the core of new initiatives. Diffusers are no longer limited to perfuming: they are becoming real smart objects.

In 2017, Scentys launched a collection of ingenious, decorative perfume diffusers developed by David Suissa and his team. This keen engineer invented perfume capsules to be diffused. Encapsulated in polymer beads incorporated into a capsule, the perfume (perfumed concentrate) is released with the air flow. One of Scentys’s bestsellers is the Odyscent diffuser, which combines design, light ergonomics, and pleasure. Carole Latychko, Marketing and Communication Director, explains that “When you put it on, Odyscent releases the perfume through dry (no alcohol), healthy, non-imposing diffusion, without leaving any airborne perfume molecule. Our priority is to make discreet, quality products. Such an object has a real advantage: that of giving users the possibility to modulate perfuming and change capsules according to their own moods. Consumers have a real appetence for beautiful, reassuring objects as regards both the olfactory dimension and safety.

Customization is at the core of Compoz, CEO Aymeric Wuidart’s new brand. Compoz offers an original olfactory experience with Compositeur (Composer), an olfactory speaker drawn by Alnoor which diffuses the most beautiful, natural, ethical essences, while preserving health. This resolutely high-end diffuser is a retro-modern design object which can be controlled remotely with an app. It is a concentrate of patented, made-in-France technology that makes it possible for users to create their own olfactory wardrobe, a real “scent list”, according to their moods and desires. The diffuser releases tailor-made wellness, like the sound of a comforting tune… an invitation for refined aromatherapy.

Perfumes are playing one of their best historical roles again: that of making wellness, beautiful perfumes and home automation swing! No doubt the atmosphere market is being revolutionized – and it is only the beginning.