To enhance their immersive visit experience, several museums and spaces have chosen to connect the discovery of exhibitions to the sense of smell. A company specialized in the dry air diffusion of perfumes, Scentys immediately accepted this mission.

Arts and perfumes

In Argenteuil, west of Paris, the Maison Impressioniste Claude Monet contacted Scentys as part of a stage project to recreate the boat-workshop Monet used to represent the river Seine in several works. Visitors will immerse themselves into this singular place, both outside the boat, with Seine scents, and inside it, where multiple paint fragrances intertwine.

In the French Caribbean, on the Martinique island, the Clément rum distillery will offer a “Wheel of scents” space fitted with the dry diffusion technology to encourage visitors to test their sense of smell by guessing the notes composing the brand’s collections.

And in the continental southern town of Villeneuve-Minervois, la Maison de la Truffe d’Occitanie will take visitors on an immersive journey to explore the history of truffle over the centuries. Scentys has translated the olfactory notes typical of each truffle variety.

A fragrance capsule refill made of a biosourced material

The Scentys technology is based on the dry diffusion of perfume encapsulated in beads placed in a refill. If this capsule was initially based on recycled polypropylene, it now comes in a version made of a biosourced material, a polyamide composed of ingredients 100% of natural, mineral, and plant origin.

For the development phase, the brand had to take up the challenge of preserving the mechanical properties of the material, while offering the same olfactory outcome and ensuring compatibility with perfumes. The other technical challenge consisted in finding a material compatible with the existing moulds for the injection process.

This made-in-France alternative, which is 100% of natural origin, will be available to Scentys’s partner perfume brands.