It is still the privilege of young, independent brands, but the emergence of a cosmetics offering directly linked to women’s specific hormonal problems, hitherto ignored in marketing campaigns, is becoming more widespread in all markets.

We are seeing the emergence of a new freedom of speech, mainly among women, and it is concomitant with the ‘Me-too’ movement. From a social standpoint, this phenomenon has fixed the fact that women have the right to speak out, so it moves society forward, collectively, when it comes to feminine issues”, explains Anne-Cécile Guillemot, co-founder of the Dynvibe agency.

To understand markets, this agency specialized in Social Intelligence collects and analyzes data spontaneously generated by consumers on social media or search engines.

Based on this insight, the agency has observed that, despite cultural differences, most countries have been sending out a set of signals in favour of new expectations on the part of women. These expectations are often expressed and relayed by influencers or changemakers, acting as spokeswomen of their own experience. Menopause, pregnancy, ovarian cycles, urinary infections, vaginal dryness, grey hair... these long ignored, uniquely feminine issues are now being brought out into the open.

The subject of the menopause is a powerful embodiment of what ‘we did not use to talk about’, and yet all women are affected, and they are not always able to explain their symptoms. These life events create suffering that today’s generations no longer want to endure alone. There is a need that is being felt, but healthcare professionals do not necessarily provide answers or take on this support role,” continues Sarah Lagier, Market Insight Analyst at Dynvibe.

Today, women can find this type of support and attentiveness in the new beauty brands, most of which are pure players, that have appeared on the various markets in recent years. In the US, Blume claims it aims to set a new standard for skincare, body care, menstruation, and puberty. With her Stripes brand, Naomi Watts has positioned herself as the ambassador of positive menopause, with a line of skin, hair, and vaginal care products.

MiYé focuses on symptoms

In France, MiYé (the “good friend” in the Provençal dialect), founded in 2021 by Caroline de Blignières and Anna Oualid, has just welcomed the Laboratoires Pierre Fabre as a shareholder – a further sign of the attention paid to this fundamental trend. As soon as it was created, the in & out beauty brand dedicated to hormonal wellness successfully reached its public with its first product, [My] Equilibre Féminin, still a bestseller to this day.

We launched our business to help women deal with hormonal imbalances, because the market either does not treat them or treats them badly. The idea is to talk to women from puberty to the menopause, with simple, safe routines”, explains Caroline de Blignières.

After interviewing experts, endocrinologists and gynaecologists in France and the United States over a two-year period, the founders found that knowledge of the solutions available varied widely. So, as a fan of natural wellness that is concerned about the threat of endocrine disruptors, Caroline de Blignières put her 15 years of experience in health and beauty and in cosmetics and food supplements development to work on a natural offering in line with women’s metabolism.

Rather than age categories, we wanted to create products according to symptoms, which are often related to several causes. Endometriosis, post-partum, and perimenopause can be real hormonal storms, often generating common symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, hot flushes, intestinal discomfort, or irritability, and we treat them with the same plants”, the co-founder explains.

Following this cross-disciplinary approach, the brand offers a mix of skincare and nutricosmetics, such as the Hydrating and Rebalancing Intimate Gel, which boosts natural lubrication with a patented extract of blue lily of the valley, the Densifying Anti-Hair Loss Serum, to fight against hair density loss, the Regenerating Oil, the Oxygenating SOS Mist, or, in micronutrition, the Serenity Essentials, etc.

Alone or in combination, these products can soothe the most common symptoms: mood swings, menstrual pain, intimate discomfort, bloating, tense breasts, oestrogen dominance, etc., which can occur throughout a woman’s life, depending on her hormonal situation.

Mindsets are changing

Despite the initial questions raised by its launch three years ago, the startup soon found its market: today, it boasts a re-purchase rate of over 40%, with a highly cross-generational consumer profile. Other than the e-shop, which accounts for over 60% of orders, MiYé is distributed by Joli Moi, the Bon Marché department store in Paris, Mademoiselle Bio, Monoprix Espace santé, and Oh My cream!

Joining forces with Pierre Fabre will help us to also activate the pharmacy network, but above all, to go even further in providing scientific backing”, notes the co-founder.

This quick success reflects the clear, accelerating change in mindsets over the past three years. “The end of the taboo era is a very recent phenomenon”, assures Anne-Cécile Guillemot for Dynvibe. “We are in the process of shattering false beliefs, in particular about hormones, because today’s women consumers no longer want to be dictated to: they want to take charge of their own lives and wellness. This trend is common to all world regions, and it is conveyed in the offering”, she points out.

Caroline de Blignières confirms this observation. “With MiYé, we want to help women take charge of their hormonal wellness again. It is an issue we neglect far too much during our lives, even though intimate knowledge of our bodies is essential”, she concludes. A word to the wise...