Pierre Fabre Laboratories, through its investment subsidiary Pierre Fabre Invest, has acquired a minority stake in MiYé, a French start-up specializing in skincare products and dietary supplements enhancing women’s hormonal balance and well-being.

This first capital increase will enable the company, which was founded in 2020, to ramp up its development by benefiting from Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ medical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the pharmacy market. For instance, MiYé wishes to ramp up its R&D investments, carry out clinical studies, bolster the scientific and medical endorsement of its flagship products, and continue its development in the pharmacy and drugstore markets.

Co-founded by Caroline de Blignières and Anna Oualid, with the support of a scientific committee specialized in the endocrine system, MiYé ("good friend" in Provençal) has opted to focus on the hormonal well-being market. The brand describes itself as “created by women for women, to help them live better with their hormonal fluctuations and improve their quality of life, from puberty to menopause.

MiYé targets often taboo and misunderstood symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Today, it offers a comprehensive range of 13 products (5 dietary supplements and 8 dermo-cosmetics) centered on performance, naturalness, safety and ease of use.

In the short term, MiYé is preparing to develop an awareness-raising and personalized support program via online consultations with naturopaths and micronutritionists.

"Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ acquisition of a stake in MiYé two years after our launch is a fantastic endorsement. It’s an invaluable opportunity to strengthen our R&D resources so that we can promote the democratization of women’s hormonal health and work together to redefine the rules of a new ecology for the female body - one that is holistic, transgenerational and, above all, safer," said Caroline de Blignières.

According to Frédéric Ennabli, CEO of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique: "Hormonal balance is a major stake that dermo-cosmetics shall address. With MiYé, Caroline de Blignières and Anna Oualid have found a way to support women from puberty to menopause. They have created a brand with a strong territory, with specialized and differentiating products that are now esteemed by consumers, such as the Happy Cycles Serum.

In 2021, Pierre Fabre Invest became the majority shareholder in Ladrôme Laboratoire (specializing in organic skincare and cosmetics), and in 2022, the sole shareholder in Même Cosmetics (specializing in wellness treatments for cancer patients).