Qualiform, a company of the Certina Packaging group, now proposes all its standards in an R-PET refill version (recycled PET refills). Because of the grey/greenish shade of recycled PET, the Company suggests placing this refill-bottle inside a reusable shell. Hence, the customer has free rein for the design of the bottle before leaving its manufacturing to Qualiform with the desired plastic material.

For the converter, in addition to the environmental side, the advantage of the concept lies in the fact that no colorant or decoration will be required to conceal the original shade of the R-PET bottle.

Qualiform can adapt this concept to bottles presenting specific shapes and in compliancy with the shell chosen by the brand.

To reduce the environmental impact of bottles, in addition to the refill option, Qualiform’s GreenLine range comes in a wide variety of materials: recycled PET of course, but also Oceans Plastics plastics collected on beaches, bio-sourced, biodegradable materials.

While the Company does not wish to disclose the geographical origin of its suppliers, it ensures that it can provide full traceability to its customers.