Stéphane Perrollier, CEO of Qualiform and of Certina Packaging...

Stéphane Perrollier, CEO of Qualiform and of Certina Packaging France

Premium Beauty News - The common point to all these companies: the transformation of plastic materials by means of extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding and injection, to make all kinds of containers: bottles, jars, closures, etc. And, a speciality: cosmetics!

Stéphane Perrollier - This is indeed the DNA of each company part of the Group with an extremely clear "market positioning": that of providing quality packagings, specific or standard, in quantities suiting every request and with maximum flexibility.

The Rebhan, Herman Koch and Qualiform Companies are in this area, particularly complementary and the three of them enable to cater for the three segments in which they operate. This provides the market with a specialized group offering great agility.

Premium Beauty News - And the dynamism of each of these companies cannot be denied!

Stéphane Perrollier - This is certainly due to the enthusiasm driving the management and all the people who work for the group. All of them are highly invested today in this "new adventure". Each of the group’s entities understand the opportunity they are given to work alongside and share the same vision with clearly stated goals.

Serving cosmetic and personal care brands for over 100 years, Hermann Koch offers its clients a wide selection of single- and thick-wall standard jars, sticks, roll-ons. All these made in Germany products can be combined with many different closures.

From elegant standard components to luxurious customized works of art, Qualiform provides international beauty brands, packaging solutions that are designed in France and in the US, with a dedication to material innovation and performance.

As a producer of cosmetic packaging solutions, Rebhan is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of Polymer Glass containers with also a wide selection of standard bottles and accessories.

Premium Beauty News - In your case, you were more particularly in charge of Qualiform but you also recently created Certina Packaging France...

Stéphane Perrollier - This is right. And in this context, I entrusted the management of Certina Packaging France to Vincent Gilbert, Group VP Sales for France. This new entity will allow us to roll out our strategy on the French cosmetics market.

As for Qualiform, it is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of plastic bottles for the premium markets. Each year we produce millions of bottles for many international brands thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our teams based in Oyonnax, France.

Premium Beauty News - A company that deserved to be expertly run!

Stéphane Perrollier - Exactly! Our goal is to increase the investments, of course, not only in equipment, but also in women and men. On the industrial front, the previous group in charge had very cleverly invested in a raw materials autonomous management platform and in blow moulding.

For our part, we have decided this year to dedicate a significant share of our turnover (12%) in industrial investments with, in particular, the installation of control cameras on our five screen printing lines. This technological shift is obviously very positive for the teams who previously were in charge of performing these controls and who now are entrusted with a new role in the management of the line.

Note that we have also invested in a new eight-cavity extrusion blow moulding machine to better meet the needs of our customers during key product launches.

Premium Beauty News - Is the environment a strong axis?

Stéphane Perrollier - Yes, very strong and, as you can see with this raw materials management platform, we have an edge.

Our commitment towards environment is also part of our DNA. We are convinced that the best way to respect the environment is to be vigilant and proactive by constantly seeking opportunities for improvements in our processes and by instilling in our teams a respectful and responsible attitude towards the planet.

With this aim in mind, we have audits carried out to control our CO2 emissions. When they ask for it, we can provide our customers with a detailed summary for each of the projects we are working on. Hence, our customers can clearly visualize the efforts made to reduce CO2 emissions and thus contribute to the sustainability of their bottles.

Each bottle design on which we work, must meet our quality control requirements, and must also undergo a series of tests directly related to their environmental impact and sustainability. In this context, we offer our customers the possibility of using eco-friendly plastic materials.

We are convinced that environment protection is also a state of mind. Our premises have been optimized to be more energy efficient. As a company, we have agreed to invest almost exclusively in the appropriate equipment and infrastructures to reduce the environmental impact (fully electric production machines, LED lighting, optimized heating/cooling systems in offices).

Premium Beauty News - In terms of market segments, you are positioned in skincare but also in make-up and scented derivatives...

Stéphane Perrollier - We are indeed very present in these markets. Make-up is a segment to which we are paying a lot of attention. We are currently developing a new highly innovative project whose launch will take place in 2018.

We also have a development policy for our range of standard product, a field in which Rebhan is particularly successful. You could check out their novel range, "New Square", made of Polymer Glass on our site