International beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack has expanded the 3D modelling capability at its UK-based rapid prototyping centre. Following an upgrade to Stratasys’ J850 Prime 3D printer, the group is now working with new materials to offer new finishes, textures and Pantone colours. The current setup enables it to produce fully- functional models that look more realistic than ever.

According to Quadpack, the 3D models are used in the early stages of package design and to allow better visualisation of pack designs, while accelerating development time and boosting creativity.

New materials

Among the new capabilities is the use of the new Vero UltraClear material that emulates PET and glass, both crucial in beauty packaging. VeroVivids also allows to produce full-colour parts with Pantone validation. A beta tester of Keyshot, Quadpack has fully integrated the software into the design team’s workflow. It also enables new decoration effect like silk-screening.

"In the beauty industry, time to market is everything and, with the Stratasys J850, we are able to share realistic-looking concepts with clients early on, to speed up approval. This means we can convert ideas into marketable products far more quickly, which gives us greater added value and an edge over our competitors, as we are one of the only beauty packaging providers with this capability," says Oliver Drew, Quadpack’s 3D printing expert.