Quadpack has created a new range of airless solutions with the aim to help brands to better express their identity through packaging while protecting their formulas. Dubbed “Canvas Airless”, the new range offers the ability to explore “never-before-seen” shapes in airless products.

Two-phase process

The range is made using a two-phase process based on a patented bag-in-bottle technology with collapsible pouch, an evolution of the bi-injection blow moulding technology acquired by Quadpack in 2019.

Developed in conjunction with Inotech, the two-phase process lowers investment and reduces development time compared with bespoke piston airless packs.

First, the inner pouch and outer container are bi-injected and joined together into a single, compact preform at Quadpack’s airless manufacturing centre in Germany. Then, the preform is blown into the desired shape.

Late differentiation

With preforms to be stocked in all three of Quadpack’s key territories – EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific – brands can rely on local supply for late differentiation.

Canvas Airless provides a blank canvas for creative design,” said Quadpack Head of Market Development Pierre-Antoine Henry. “With one mould for infinite shapes, it enables greater freedom of expression. Brands can choose oval, square, convex, concave and other forms – and all without additional outlay or time delay. It sets the new standard in airless packaging, offering accessible added value, along with all the benefits of airless technology.

Reduced plastic consumption

As a bi-injected, two-layer, pouch-based pack, Canvas Airless uses 15 per cent less plastic than piston airless equivalents and it can be made with a choice of materials.

The new range comes with an LLDPE pouch and PET outer bottle as standard, both recyclable materials. Current outer options include rPET and PETG, while inner options include surlyn. Further sustainable materials will be available in future, while a metal-free pump and refill formats are both on the product development roadmap.

The Canvas Airless range will be commercially available from January 2022, said Quadpack.