The Paris-headquartered company, which specializes in the design of high-end secondary packaging, luggage items, promotional accessories, and textile items, is seeking to at accelerate its development in the primary packaging market, intended to beauty.

To be sure to provide in this area a level of excellence identical to its other projects, Pure Trade has just appointed Dino Chan as Senior Manager of Product Compliance.

Chan joins the Pure Trade Asia team led by Mona Lee with the mission to oversee the design, engineering, and compliance of primary packaging. He has acquired and developed his strong complementary skills in product compliance, social compliance, quality compliance, product design and engineering during 30 years of experience in the health, beauty, and cosmetics industry (CGroup HK Limited, LF Beauty, Asquan).

Primary packaging is much more than just a container. It sets high standards in terms of functionality, aesthetics, hygiene, regulations, and environmental protection. Drawing on his extensive experience, Dino is committed to Pure Trade to offer brands and their consumers premium primary packaging, from the selection of materials to the user experience,” highlighted Stefane Ladous, Pure Trade, CEO.

Created almost 30 years ago, Pure Trade employs 80 people for a turnover of 87 million euros pursuing a fabless operational model. In July, Pure Trade was taken over by German private equity firm AGIC Capital with the aim to accelerate its growth globally, particularly in the US and in Asia-Pacific.