Recycled PET (RPET) is one of Pure Trade’s spearheads for producing quality packaging, gifts and textile items for beauty brands. In the company’s material library, which is accessible in Paris to its customers, RPET presents extremely varied and unique textures such as weaving, velvets, terrycloth, jacquard, etc. A variety that can be found in the company’s latest creations for Givenchy and Lancôme.

For Givenchy’s new GWP collection, Pure Trade has woven a 100% RPET jacquard, in grey tones, contrasting soberly with the black and silver tones of the textile or metal finishes. 100% RPET material also for the iconic red and black padded pouches, discreetly decorated with the silver shine of the puller and the 4G 3D-metal logo.

Pure Trade has created the Grasse collection by Lancôme in an RPET material which takes on the appearance of a woven cotton canvas, also lined with an RPET material. The brand has chosen a refined design for this set of 9 items – pencil pouch, clutch, pouches, vanity case, shopping bag – with careful finishes and bearing the message “caring for a happier future: made with love by Lancôme” printed on a patch, also in RPET.