Recently patented by Pujolasos, the new Woork cap responds to the growing demand for 100% natural, ecological and responsible packaging solutions in the cosmetics perfumery perfumes industry.

Two months after the launch of a first item dedicated to the fragrance market, Pujolasos Packaging has showcased a new version of their innovation at ADF&PCD and PLD Paris 2020. The caps can now be adapted on skin care jars, while retaining their original characteristics: they are free from plastic and only use 100% natural materials.

Woork caps are only made from natural and compostable materials, such as wood and cork. All plastic inner parts have been removed and there is no glue between the different materials. Wood and cork are a fully renewable natural materials, they are 100% recyclable and fully compostable.

Pujolasos Packaging has introduced a new version of their natural and 100%...

Pujolasos Packaging has introduced a new version of their natural and 100% compostable cap, Woork

This innovation responds to the current need and demand of the market aimed at offering to 100% organic and sustainable packaging products for the beauty sector. The innovation departments of the main brands in the sector work very intensely on how to obtain more sustainable packaging and offer to consumers the most ecological packaging. Woork, is Pujolasos’ contribution to make a better sustainable world,” said the company in a statement.