We have placed sustainability at the core of our company’s strategy. One of our goal was to achieve a sustainable cap made with natural materials that could be thrown away to the organic waste. A fully compostable cap that could thus be easily returned to nature,” told Angel Pujolasos, CEO of the company, to Premium Beauty News.

It’s all done with the new Woork cap! The first 100% organic and compostable cap of the market,” claims Pujolasos Packaging. The patented innovation features a wooden external part and a cork insert that insures the junction between the cap and the perfume’s pump. With wood and cork being completely natural and renewable materials, the company thinks the innovation responds perfectly to the current needs and demands of the market.

We had to cope with several technical challenges, such as finding out how to remove the plastic without altering the cap functionality or how to remove the glue while ensuring the grip between the cork and the wood,” explained Angel Pujolasos. “Once we overcame the technical difficulties, another big challenge was how to make large quantities a very competitive price,” he added.

With no other material than wood and cork, when the product’s end of life has arrived, the cap can be disposed in the organic waste. “A huge contribution to improve the sustainability of perfumes packaging,” according Pujolasos Packaging.

The cap can be customized to adapt to specific projects, and several PEFC or FSC certified wood options are available, including beech and oak.

The concept that we have launched is designed to work with pumps, it is therefore mostly aimed at the fragrance industry, although we are working on similar packaging solutions to fit the needs of cosmetic brands,” concludes Angel Pujolasos.

Reducing the environmental impact of packaging has become a key issue in the cosmetics and fragrances industry, as the latest edition of the Luxe Pack Monaco tarde fair has shown. And perfumes are no exception to this global trend, as packaging is getting greener from all standpoints, including glass, pumps and caps. Most recently, Quadpack also responded to the winds of change in the beauty packaging industry with Eco-warrior, a new concept with a minimum number of components where the 100% cork cap can be both composted and recycled.