The German manufacturer of high-end packaging solutions for luxury brands has unveiled a "Summer" version of its 100% mono-material Yoga Light box dedicated to online sales.

A true invitation to escape towards nature, beaches or swimming pools, this new version is inspired by the illuminating yellow pantone colour of the year.

"Digital communication is becoming more and more important. In this light, this packaging includes a QR code to our new website, giving the opportunity to discover or rediscover Procos," explains Stéphanie Havard, Director of Operations at Procos.

2-in-1 solution for a premium shopping experience

Procos’ new shipment solutions consist of two parts each:

- An outer shipping box made from corrugated cardboard, which remains discreetly simple with two adhesive strips on the top. However, the outer box can be customized on the inside with colors, patterns and prints.

- An inner box in which the product is placed. The aim is to give this box the same value as a gift. It can therefore be customised at will, including through embossing, printing of photos and graphics, and matte or glossy finishes.

With the gap between the functional simplicity of the outer shipping box and the elaborate appeal of the inner box, Procos wants to create a "Wow" surprise effect that transforms the experience of opening an online purchase.

Procos will present this renewed initiative at the back-to-school shows:

- Edition Spéciale by Luxe Pack on August 31 & September 1, 2021 at Carreau du Temple in Paris (Stand B05)

- Luxe Pack Monaco on September 27-29, 2021 (Stand DF01/DF03).

Founded in 1998, Procos produces shopping bags, rigid boxes, foldable boxes, clothing covers, paper or woven pouches, all customized, connected, and eco-responsible for luxury brands.

Led by Leander Kritikos, with headquarters in Munich, Procos has sales offices in Paris, London, China and now in the USA. The group achieved a turnover of 25 million USD in 2020 and expects a growth of 15% in 2021.