As many countries in Europe implement new lockdown measures in an attempt to contain the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, brands and consumers are turning massively to e-commerce. To address the new demand, Procos introduces new shipping solutions with the Yoga and Yoga Light 2-in-1 folding boxes.

The main difference between the two versions being their weight, as Yoga Light is about 20% lighter and about 5-6% cheaper.

2-in-1 solution

Procos’ new shipment solutions consist of two parts each:

- An outer shipping box made from corrugated cardboard, which remains discreetly simple with two adhesive strips on the top. However, the outer box can be customized on the inside with colors, patterns and prints.

- An inner box in which the product is placed. The aim is to give this box the same value as a gift. It can therefore be customised at will, including through embossing, printing of photos and graphics, and matte or glossy finishes.

Premium shopping experience

With the gap between the functional simplicity of the outer shipping box and the elaborate appeal of the inner box, Procos wants to create a "Wow" surprise effect that transforms the experience of opening an online purchase.

When opening the first shipping box and discovering the inner box, the consumer gets something very special. This moment becomes the first part of the product experience", explains Stéphanie Havard, Operations Director at Procos.

Flexible and customizable

Procos wanted to provide brands with maximum flexibility for their e-commerce related operations. When delivered, these boxes arrive folded flat to save space. They can then be easily assembled and shaped for shipping to the consumer.

To match the product, a wide range of sizes for folding boxes is available. Custom sizes are also possible.

Eco-designed boxes

Yoga and Yoga Plus have also been designed to minimize the impact on the environment. Magnet and metal free, the boxes are only made from FSC-certified cardboard, a sustainable and 100% recyclable material.

The Yoga Plus version has also been lightened to minimize the use of material and the energy required for transport. "For 5,000 boxes, this represents up to 4 tons of CO2 saved," says Procos.

Finally, depending on the needs of the brands, the boxes can be manufactured in Europe - in Germany or Bulgaria - or Chine.

As part of our European Sourcing program, which was launched nearly two years ago, our strategy is to be able to manufacture competitively in Europe everything we produce in Asia. This is an asset in terms of the environment as well as in terms of flexibility,” highlights Patrick Rissmann, Chief Business Development Officer at Procos.