The German manufacturer of luxury packaging items - including German manufacturer of luxury packaging items – will showcase a new version of the ready to use bag: “MY GOOD GIFT BAG - 0% plastic” on the occasion of ADF&PCD and PLD Paris 2020.

MY GOOD GIFT BAG, the new eco-friendly bag, designed by Procos’ regular designer Giorgio Fabbi, will become the Luxury Packaging choice for sales advisors and an endearing feature for shoppers”, highlights Leander Kritikos, President of Procos.

This innovation is part of Procos’ sustainable development strategy, which includes a zero plastic pledge in packaging materials.

The new bag offers several innovations and interesting technical features:

- The use of a new ethical material for the handle: TENCEL™ a fibre that’s 100% bio-sourced and created from FSC® certified eucalyptus and spruce.
- The use of ethical paper: 100% PCW (post-consumer waste), made from recycled fibres, providing a smooth surface, a high-quality purity, and a finish identical to other papers.
- The use of ethical components for printing, assembly and finishings (soya-based inks, water-based glues and spot

However, according to Procos, technical and environmental matters must also allow the creation of products addressing the expectations of a large array of consumers. Therefore, the new bag also offers:

- Reference colours for the year 2020, with a “Blue”, close to the “Classic Blue”, pantone colour 2020, evoking serenity, reverie and calm. A “Cassis”, a fusion of pink and purple recalling romanticism, luxury and elegance.
- A ready to use pre-tied ribbon matching shoulder length handles.

Procos is partner to some of the best-known brands in the fashion, perfume, cosmetics, decoration, jewellery, wines and spirits industries.