During Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack, which will take place on June 4th and 5th, 2019, in Paris, Carreau du Temple, Procos will put the focus on its latest IT-Bag launched earlier this year: a fully recyclable, plastic free, paper bag, made from FSC Mix certified white Kraft paper containing 40% PCW (post-consumer waste) fibres, and 100% cotton handles. Its defining feature: the IT-Bag carries an NFC tag (printed on paper).

For many years, the German manufacturer of high-end shopping bags and boxes has been focusing on protecting the environment. Procos provides its customers in the fashion, perfume, cosmetic, decoration, jewellery and wines and spirits industries, with FSC certified papers. The company uses soya-based inks, water-based glues, acetate coatings and increasingly eco-friendly handles (100% cotton, rPET, paper).

In 2008, Procos produced its first shopping bag manufactured from 60% recycled fibres and 40% fibres certified FSC Mix. “We are convinced that packaging will be increasingly designed with ecology in mind. Respecting and actively contributing to the protection of the environment is vitally important to us,” explains Leander Kritikos, President of Procos.

Working hand in hand with brands to help them develop their packaging projects, Procos also offers to fully compensate the dioxide emissions generated by their packaging. “We take great care to reduce the CO2 emissions of our packaging. We work with Climate Partner [1] and encourage our customers to subscribe to one of their environmental or CSR projects to compensate for the kilos of CO2 generated by their order that cannot be eliminated during production,” explains Stéphanie Havard, Director of Operations for Procos.