Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack, the first exhibition dedicated to environmental-friendly packaging solutions, will be held on June 4 and 5, 2019 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris, France, during the European Sustainable Development Week.

With two months left until the event, the organizers have unveiled the main features of the program, which will be based on two main debates and a series of feedback sessions.


Breaking away from conventional educational speeches, where the attendance is listening to speakers with only few opportunities for questions, the event’s organizers want to create a full debate with interactive exchanges between brands, start-ups, manufacturers, suppliers and industry experts. The two debates will focus on consumer demands, design, transition to the circular economy, and the implementation of 3R (’Reduce Reuse, Recycle’) practices.

The list of already confirmed participants features: Sandrine Sommer (Guerlain), Claude Angelier (Rémy Cointreau), Isabelle Carron (Absolution), Dimitri Caudrelier (Quantis), Christine Guinebretière (Upcyclea), Emeric Baracat (CoZie), David Bayard (L’Occitane), Jordan Rey (Clarins), Alisdair Easton (Garçon Wines), Manuel Mallen (Joaillerie Courbet), Ozohu Adoh (Epara Skin Care), Pascale Brousse (Trend Sourcing), Elisa Rica-Escuder (LVMH Espagne).

Feedback sessions

Moreover, to illustrate the advances already achieved, duos gathering a supplier and a brand will present case studies taking stock from products recently launched or still under development.

For instances, Century Box present the 100% cardboard packaging developed for the prestigious chocolate maker Genaveh, the Pochet group and L’Oréal will provide details on the first perfume bottles containing 10% of high quality recycled glass exclusively sourced from high-end perfume bottles. Italy’s ISEM and Kiko Cosmetics will present Green Me, a line of make-up and skincare products and accessories with packaging containing very high percentages of natural ingredients. The Coopérative MU will explain how it has responded to Louis Vuitton’s specifications for eco-designed jewels packaging. French beauty packaging supplier Albéa and eco-friendly cosmetics brand Seventy One Percent as well as four other duos will complete these sessions.


In parallel with these different educational sessions, Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack will also offer an exhibition space with the participation of:

ADM Promotions, Albéa, Amfora Packaging, Aptar Beauty + Home, Bormioli Luigi, Centurybox, Cerve Spa, Coepto, Cofatech, Cosfibel Premium, Creanog, CSI, Duran Dogan, Elidose, Eska, Flacopharm, Gainerie 91, Gmund Paper, Groupe Pochet, ICMA, International Direct Packaging Ltd, ISEM, Jung Verpackungen, Knoll Prestige Packaging, Kurz France, La Paper Factory, Les Étuis Mirault, M et M Luxe, Manifesto Factory, Max Luxury Packaging, MPO France, MR Cartonnage Numérique, My Prod, Neyret Textile Identification, Oriol & Fontanel, Papèteries de Montségur, Primal Manufacturing –Natureplast, Procop, Procos, Pusterla 1880, Riverpack, Segede Industrie, Sin Rejac, Solutia Italia, Sparflex France, Tapi, TPS Emballages, Upside Creative Solutions, Van Genechten Packaging, Verchere Plastiques Industriel, Vimer, Wrapology International.

For their part, the organizers will also take a responsible attitude with reusable stands, carpets and badges made of recycled materials and zero-waste coffee breaks and buffets.