Showcased at the last PCD Paris show, the process consists in vacuum-laying a series of extremely thin layers of metal salts to create a scintillating effect. The layers can also be laid with different types of materials, depending on the function wanted.

A high quantity of materials can be used to play with colours, but also functional filters. These functional intermediaries are still being developed, but they will offer antimicrobial or anti-UV properties, among others,” explains Federico Montali.

For an iridescent finish, depending on the materials used, the effects vary from colourless to coloured with changing reflections.

Thanks to the vacuum technology, Prisma can be applied on the whole bottle surface, whatever the shape, including the bottom, foot, and shoulders.

The finishing is completed with varnish to protect the layers and tint the whole object on request.

Lastly, Bormioli Luigi highlights the fact that Prisma is an eco-responsible innovation which does not require any solvent for the application and does not contain any heavy metals.