To beautify the bottles of Oriana, their latest women’s fragrance, Parfums de Marly has entrusted PRAD, a French company, renowned for its know-how in the decoration of recyclable containers made of glass and aluminium

Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, Parfums de Marly offers a high-end fragrances derived from a range of noble ingredients. With its strong French identity, the brand offers engraved and lacquered bottles. To decorate Oriana, PRAD relied on the expertise of its laboratory and created a custom-made satin pink lacquer.

PRAD had already contributed to the designs of the bottles of previous launches: a matt aluminum lacquer for Layton, matched with a blue varnish for Layton Exclusive, thus meeting the challenge of double varnishing. The Carlisle bottle and that of the feminine Athalia are satin black lacquered.

Lacquering modifies the appearance any kind of surface - either shiny, matt or satin -and offers countless and exclusive colours, with several special effects - nacre, iridescent, metallic - and singular touch effects - smooth, soft, grainy.

Founded in 1972 and managed by Bruno Pierrain, its CEO and owner for 5 years, PRAD masters the following finishing technologies: liquid metallization, lacquering, laser finishing and silk screening, pad printing and hot stamping.

The high-quality decorations catch the eye as much as they encourage the touch, and support the brands in the sensory experience they wish to offer consumers,” said the company in a statement.