Even in the context of the current economic slowdown, manufacturers of flexible plastic packaging are holding out and are implementing new strategies that enable them to propose innovative solutions to their customers.

Most of these innovations aim at combining positive impact on the environment with economic performance. “Permanent innovation and saving resources seem to be the keys that enable our industry to adapt to the crisis; working as catalyst for the new order to come,” explains Dominqiue Paul Vallée, ELIPSO’s president.

Reduction at source, packaging optimization from the design step, improvement of our technologies, evolution of materials, and consumers safety, contribute to the creation of packaging products that perfectly match with the expectations of all customers that use it throughout the chain, as well as the final consumer,” he adds.

The latest issue of Futurs, ELIPSO’s newsletter, showcases new products proposed by French manufacturers of flexible plastic packaging and designed to meet the needs of a wide scope of industries, including the beauty business.

Thus, regarding neutral lotions pumps, Rexam’s Nea pump is designed for the most sophisticated bulks. It offers a unique solution that combines a totally neutral dispensing system, peerless user comfort and a modern design. The new dispensing system’s neutrality is guaranteed by a spring located on the outside of the dosing chamber and the use of a glass bearing. At no time is the formula in contact with metal or elastomer.

Regarding the cosmetic pumps segment, Valois’ T10 is an innovative tip designed to equip the Evolux pump range, which prevents the cream from drying out in the push-button nozzle, thus avoiding external contamination to ensure the optimum preservation of the product. As it only opens under pressure from the cream, it remains tightly sealed before use and closes again automatically. Total product protection is guaranteed.

As far as customized pumps are concerned, enhancing customization and differentiation options for pumps is still possible. That conviction is reflected in the Clikit™ IP pump by MWV Calmar, a high-end, resin-injected version of the company’s market-leading Melodie® Clikit™pump. A wide array of decorative finishes and attractive high-end coatings such as Iridescence, Sparkle, Soft touch, Metalized lacquering and Custom printing (of any pattern or image through Sublimation) is now available.

In the jars segment, Promens’ EasyLock is highlighted. In snap-on mode, this jar delivers maximum efficiency for the filler. In screw/unscrew version, it provides beauty and healthcare professionals with optimum user comfort. Airtight and tamper-proof, it ensures total product protection. Once the tear off band is taken off, EasyLock is to be used like a normal screwing jar. In volumes from 30 to 1250 ml, the jar is suitable for every pharmaceutical form (powder, gel, cream, tablets, etc.).

Eventually, in eye shadow applicators, the Banana Maker proposed by Alcan Packaging Beauty is an innovative applicator that lets consumers make up their eyes with an irresistible “banana” shadow effect. Its spherical shape perfectly hugs the hollow around the eyelid and its flocked tip helps applying just the right product quantity at the right place.