The Italian designer and manufacturer of cosmetic brushes topped off their participation in OnBeauty by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna with the launch of Ecosofy Solo, a 100% monomaterial brush made from recycled water bottles, free from metal pieces and glues.

100% recycled and recyclable plastic

The entire product — including the handle, the ferrule, and the synthetic fibres of the tuft — is made of plastic granules sourced from post-consumer grinded and recycled water bottles.

The brush is therefore easily recyclable and can even be disposed of with no needs for components separation. According to Pennelli Faro, it is “the most sustainable cosmetic brush on the market.

The company also claims the product is made using 100% renewable energy.

Combining aesthetics and sustainability

By 2030 all plastic packaging within the EU will need to be recyclable or reusable. With today’s beauty consumer more environmentally conscious than ever, sourcing recyclable, reusable and overall sustainable packaging is no longer a luxury but a necessity for successful cosmetics and personal care brands. Traditionally, beauty applicators comprise a variety of different materials. But, in order to reach the maximum level of recyclability, a tool made from just one material is an increasingly attractive option. Currently, the most sustainable solutions among brushes and cosmetic applicators are made of recyclable materials, that can be recycled separately. In today’s increasingly eco-conscious climate, brands and consumers are seeking out packaging that can be more easily recycled. Obtain an aesthetically beautiful and highly performing applicator that responds to the highest level of recyclability was a great challenge, we have grabbed this challenge as always with enthusiasm and we pushed it to its limits,” commented Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro.