Premium Beauty News - How would you describe your company’s contribution to the beauty industry?

Pennellifaro - In the beauty industry there is a constant need for improved technicality and innovation.

Pennelli Faro is growing considerably in popularity thanks to our being very focused on brush production and constantly investing in innovation, both in the products themselves and in the production processes.

We have a long history and experience in the Fine Arts painting brushes manufacturing and that gives us a deep technical know-how in production and emphasis on quality.

What we are seeing from our customers is that they are increasingly focusing on applicators. Years ago, the choice of a suitable brush was at the end of a brand’s launching process, a mere accessory for completing the range.

Nowadays, it’s clear that even the best formula does not work properly without the right applicator. We are working more and more to develop brushes formulated by modulating the flexibility and density of the fibers in order to obtain the best possible results.

I think this is really the turning point in our daily approach.
We are sometimes five years ahead of the market as far as innovation is concerned.

If we take, for instance, our Fless® brush, the first flexible brush on the market, we completely redesigned the production processes to obtain a very high flexibility of the brush fibers. We are adapting to the gestures of applying the makeup in a way that is at the same time simple and innovative, taking away all the unnecessary parts of the brush.
This is the next level of innovation: simplifying and ‘smart thinking’.

Premium Beauty News - What are the main transformations affecting your business today?

Pennellifaro - One of the most important revolutions was the introduction of synthetic fibers in cosmetics brushes.

I think that we reached a point where, thanks to innovation, synthetic hair can definitely outperform the natural one.

We anticipated that trend and are now proud of the results we obtained with our patented synthetic fibers, Dermocura®.

Dermocura® goes beyond the concept of standard synthetic fibers simply imitating natural hairs. The concept of trying to replicate the features of natural hairs can be a limit.

Synthetic polymers are the new frontier. There is a great potential and new opportunities to be considered.

Premium Beauty News - What is your vision of beauty in 10 years? What will be your contribution to this beauty of the future?

Pennellifaro - Consumers are increasingly becoming eco-conscious, and production processes must therefore be sustainable.

Our plant, located in Northern Italy near the cosmetic district of Crema, has zero emissions and works only with renewable energies since 2010.
We are following that philosophy not only in our production processes but also in the products themselves.

The next step will be to offer more eco-conscious products, not only produced with recyclable materials, but for them to be recyclable as well.
At the same time, our vision is to work on simplifying makeup gestures and offer tools that can ease the formula application granting professional results even to the less experienced users.

My vision is to develop more applicators and brushes in that direction, working towards more intuitive gestures and green products.

We already took the first steps…