Dubbed Cellengo, the 100% owned subsidiary will focus on industrializing the production of plant active ingredients developed through microbial synthesis.

PAT has decided to regroup and bring its activities to a dedicated operator with the ambition of becoming a key player in the Metabolic Engineering [1] domain,” said the company in a statement.

The new active ingredients which natural biosynthetic pathways have been elucidated will be produced by Cellengo using industrial fermentation technologies. The subsidiary will target cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and bio-pesticides markets.

PAT currently proposes products developed through its PAT Plant Milking® technology to its clients, a platform making available natural active ingredients from roots. The Metabolic Engineering technologies established by Cellengo will extend PAT’s offer, especially for natural molecules present in traces in plants.

Cellengo will chase the same sustainable objectives as PAT using eco-responsible platforms, respecting the Principles of Green Chemistry, enabling to preserve plants in their natural environment and avoiding uses of agricultural lands for non- alimentary productions,” claims PAT management team.