Clariant has taken a minority share in France’s Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT), a young company developing innovative technologies for the sustainable production of plant-based active ingredients for cosmetics.

Clariant and Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) sign a strategic partnership. (Photo: Clariant)

The agreement includes the subscription of approx. 10% equity shares of PAT by Clariant, joint development and exclusive distribution rights.

The partnership brings PAT’s research strengths in discovering and producing precious compounds from plant roots together with the claim substantiation and the marketing and sales expertise of Clariant’s Active Ingredients business. These strengths will be combined for the development of new premium products and will reach the market through Clariant’s global network,” said the two companies in a joint statement.

PAT is recognized for their technologies used to explore the botanical compounds in a very sustainable way. Two proprietary technologies make it possible:

 Plant Milking Technology is a process that allows plant cultivation in aeroponic and optimized conditions which facilitates the sustainable recovery of the desired compounds. When gently submitted to exudation, the living roots are delivering phytochemical profiles that are unmatched in their performances, concentrations and values.
 Target Binding Technology ensures an efficient and unrivaled way of identifying the compounds in complex mixtures which support the activities of key-relevance for innovative cosmetic claims.

With the Plant Milking Technology, the roots can regrow multiple times. (Photo: PAT)

According to PAT, these technologies also provides full traceability, from the seed to the final active ingredient. Moreover, the Plant Milking Technology, allows harvesting the same plant several times a year. Cultivated in aeroponic conditions, the plants are not destroyed by the crop: the roots can regrow almost indefinitely. There is no competition with agricultural lands which ensures efficient use of planet resources and peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance including the Nagoya Protocol.