Vert Désert, Rose Métamorphose, Noir Délit and Orée Dorée: Virevolte has created four fragrances that pay tribute to plural femininity. From good-girl to femme fatale, classic to insolent, fiery tempered to lighthearted, a woman’s moods change throughout the day and all through life.

For the packaging, the brand creator Julie Desoomer chose the 50ml Antarès bottle from French glass supplier Coverpla. The stock model was selected for the elegance of its rounded form and the minimalism of its shape. This choice coincides with Mrs Desoomer’s desire to offer natural, eco-designed fragrances that are manufactured locally.

In this endeavour, Coverpla played the brand’s creative game by personalizing a standard bottle made in Italy. The supplier developed a screen-printed décor with separate layers of ink and enamel. The entire process was made in Coverpla’s facilities located in Nice, France.

Fully manufactured and packaged in Provence, this fragrance in four acts celebrates the union of naturality and sensuality.