For its third edition, on 28-30 May 2019 at Fieramilanocity in Milan, Packaging Première is inviting a series of artists to showcase their work based on materials traditionally used in luxury packaging: glass, wood, plastic and paper.

The topic chosen for this year’s Art Gallery is Metamorphosis. “The artists’ sources of inspiration, interpreted in myriad ways, are closely connected to the raw materials used in the packaging presented at Packaging Première, transformed and enhanced through constant research and observation throughout the entire supply chain,” explain the organisers.

The artists presented in this year’s Art Gallery include:

- Agnese Del Gamba: Recycled PET used to create sculptures, jewellery and clothing.
- Francesca Meana: Paper combined with various materials to inspire creativity.
- Daniele Papuli: Vinyl, synthetic materials and paper turned into design objects.
- Alessandro Rametta: Metalworking in metals including copper, steel, bronze and iron, drawing inspiration from the legendary figure of Hephaestus.
- Simone Crestani: Sculptures created using blown glass.
- Giorgio Rastelli: Soft and enticing wooden sculptures that transcend the material.

The organisers of the Milan’s luxury packaging exhibition expect the edition will host about 230 exhibitors (vs 203 in 2018).