Sandra Maguarian, co-founder and Director of the "MakeUp in" trade...

Sandra Maguarian, co-founder and Director of the "MakeUp in" trade shows

Premium Beauty News - The MakeUp in Paris trade show, which was due to be held in June, will eventually take place under a 100% digital format.

Sandra Maguarian - Yes, it was really with great sadness that we had to make the decision to cancel MakeUp in Paris 2020 because, on the one hand, of a government decree, and because, on the other hand, and as we can witness today in France, health conditions are still not optimal for the organization of an event of this size. In this context, we wish to offer our community a means of developing its activity and of maintaining dynamic links between the various players in the market. Hence, in addition to our shows, we are launching a platform that fits perfectly into our ecosystem in order to continue our mission as a beauty service provider for the industry. This platform will give exhibitors and visitors facing budget restrictions and/or busy agendas the chance to always be visible, to successfully conclude negotiations, meet new partners, boost their business, etc.

Our VVs (Virtual Visitors) will be able to both contact their usual suppliers and identify new ones, discover novelties, participate to online conferences, listen to replays, read articles on upcoming trends...

Registration for visitors will be free and filtered/moderated by our teams.

An exceptional video-conference will mark the launch of this platform, which will be operational all year round, and whose name will be

Premium Beauty News - How do your exhibitors feel about this future digital experience?

Sandra Maguarian - Well paradoxically, all those with whom I had the opportunity to speak to assured me that their factories/laboratories were running, whether in France or abroad. Often for the manufacturing of essential products for the medical staff but also to fulfil the orders of many brands who mostly sell online.

My doubts are more on a one-year term, even if I remain convinced that the make-up/hybrid shift will be the keystone of the new make-up consumption trend which, unlike the skincare segment, will suffer more from this Covid19 period.

But our exhibitors are full of resources, they innovate continuously and actually most of them have already positioned themselves on our platform.

Premium Beauty News – As for the other events, MakeUp in Shanghai should take place in July and MakeUp in New York in September. How are the prospects?

Sandra Maguarian - The recovery in China reinforces the idea that MakeUp in Shanghai will take place in the best possible conditions in early July. We have recorded no cancellations from Chinese exhibitors. They will all take part to the event and I wish to thank them for that. Actually new exhibitors have even showed up, shortly after the lock-down was lifted by Chinese authorities. Of course visitors from outside China will not make the trip, but Chinese visors alone should suffice to satisfy our exhibitors.

As for MakeUp in New York, we remain vigilant and if the slightest security doubt persists, we will make the necessary decisions.

One of the reasons for the positioning of our shows in different markets is to limit long distance trips and to satisfy local markets. This is why the impact of the possible disaffection of foreign visitors is relatively low.

Premium Beauty News - In New York, if things turn out right, you are supposed to inaugurate a new venue, the Javits Center. Can you give us a sneak preview of what this edition will look like?

Sandra Maguarian - Yes, we hesitated for a long time before embarking on this new adventure at the very famous Javits Center. One of the halls of this exhibition centre is unparalleled in New York with a huge glass roof that offers a beautiful luminosity. The Javits has become in a few years "the place to be", certainly thanks to the total rehabilitation of the Hudson Yards quarter, not to mention the subway station at the foot of the building. We can’t wait to show it to you.

Premium Beauty News - Finally, you have planned to launch a new event dedicated to Clean Beauty in London. What are the prospects like?

Sandra Maguarian - It’s an extraordinary impetus that has driven us to create this very first event dedicated to Clean Beauty, a must. Suppliers are showing a great deal of interest and are registering spontaneously to the event, as for brands they almost blamed us for not having launched this event earlier!

We created a Steering Committee consisting of international personalities and organizations in connection with the Clean Beauty movement. Committee members will meet in the coming days.... by video-conference of course!