Now a specialist in online sampling campaigns, Odore first made a name for itself by placing connected sample dispensers in strategic urban locations. The start-up works with beauty brands and groups such as L’Oréal, Sephora, Guerlain, Clive Christian and LVMH to improve the performance of online campaigns through a data-driven marketing approach.

As sales become increasingly digital, more and more beauty brands are using digital marketing in conjunction with sampling to track the previously hard-to-measure conversion of consumers using targeted campaigns. Thanks to the Odore platform, brands can create and launch digital campaigns on social media, by email and on their site, alongside physical sampling.

A major discovery factor

With its platform, Odore was able to analyse the purchasing habits of 20,000 consumers of beauty and cosmetic products over 12 months and thus deliver various telling data on the behaviour of consumers when faced with the sample.

According to the study, 85% of those who tested a product did not know the brand beforehand. Once they had tested the product, 75% of the respondents said they had bought or were likely to buy the product.

Beyond the well-known role of sampling in the discovery of new products, Odore also highlights the relevance of sending samples to people’s homes. Indeed, despite their interest in the tested products, only 33% of respondents said they would have gone to a shop to try the product. Receiving the sample at home is clearly a conversion booster, even more so when coupled with an online purchase offer.

"The spikes in conversion rates and brand awareness clearly show the role that digital sampling can play in helping confidential brands make a name for themselves," explains Armaan Mehta, co-founder of Odore.