The Olvea Group, a French supplier of speciality ingredients specialising in vegetable and fish oils for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and feed industries, recently announced that all of its specialty vegetable oils for cosmetic use are now “COSMOS Natural” approved.

The certification applies to the following oils:

 Apricot kernel Oil
 Argan Oil
 Avocado Oil
 Hazelnut Oil
 Jojoba Oil
 Macadamia nut Oil
 Olive Oil
 Sesame Oil
 Sweet Almond Oil
 TrueShea™ (Shea butter)

These COSMOS Natural Approved vegetable oils come from environmental and consumer-friendly supply chains and are controlled according to the highest standards of sustainability. They will help you meet the requirements of clean beauty while benefiting from highly functional properties,” said the company in a statement.

Widely recognized by the cosmetic industry, the COSMOS standard guarantees that these vegetable oils come from green manufacturing processes and are 100% Physically Processed Agro-Ingredients (PPAI). “Their authenticity and naturality are thus optimally preserved, revealing their purest cosmetic benefits,” adds Olvea.