Brazil’s beauty brand O Boticário has chosen a tube designed by Cosmogen to renew the codes of perfume application.

For the “brush on” version of Lily Absolu Eau de Parfum, O Boticário opted for the Squeeze’n Tint tube by Cosmogen with its patented rotating ON / OFF closure system that allows to dispense the eau de parfum, to apply it and the to close the tube, in order to avoid any leaks. The tube also has the advantage of being practical, easy to carry on everywhere, and it stands out for the strong sensory feeling it provides when applying.

For a reduced environmental impact, the Squeeze’n Tint tube is made from recycled PP and PE and is refillable.

The Lily Absolu fragrance is made of lily grown in the O Boticário’s garden (Jardim do Boticário) in Grasse, France. According to the brand, this special and delicate flower reveals a unique intensity. The light texture of the Lily Absolu Eau de Parfum Pincel version ensures quick drying on the skin, and as it is more concentrated than a toilet water, it also lasts longer.