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Naturex to unveil new efficacy results and new actives at Cosmetagora 2018

On the occasion of the Cosmetagora tradeshow, which will be held in Paris (Espace Champerret) on 9-10 January 2018, Naturex will present the results of a new study on Eliorelys, its active designed to fight blue-light induced damages, as well as new additions to its Beautyfood range.

Naturex will present the results of a new study on its active designed to...

Naturex will present the results of a new study on its active designed to fight blue light damages. Photo : © lightpoet /

Naturex continues innovating with new ingredients inspired by food and beverage products and new efficacy results to be presented at the next edition of the Cosmetagora tradeshow in Paris.

New efficacy results for Eliorelys

Awarded last year at the in-cosmetics tradeshow in London, Eliorelys is a cherry blossom active produced through Naturex’s Eutectys technology and designed to delivers effective protection against damage caused by ‘blue light’ from mobile phones, tablets and computers.

In a comet assay conducted by the Group, Naturex found that human keratinocytes incubated with Eliorelys demonstrated a significant decrease in DNA damage (up to 75%) compared with cells that had not been treated. The results indicate that Eliorelys exerts a protective effect against blue light-induced DNA lesions. The full findings are to be unveiled at the Cosmetagora trade show.

Recently published studies, confirmed by Naturex’s own internal testing, have concluded that blue light can in fact lead to damage in cultured human keratinocytes and live skin, causing levels of skin ageing similar to that triggered by UVA radiation. On average, people spend five hours a day in front of a screen, and 90% of 20-65 years olds use electronic devices every day. This means there is a risk that blue light pollution could cause skin damage on a widespread scale,” highlights Naturex.

‘Fortify’ strengthens Beautyfood range

Also set for launch at Cosmetagora is Fortify - the fourth and final part of Naturex’s Beautyfood collection of natural skin care solutions made with ingredients derived from plants found in the food chain.

The new range comprises five nutrient-rich ingredients inspired by food and beverage products: ginseng, oat, bamboo, nettle and ginger. All are renowned for their ability to deliver regeneration and stimulation benefits.

The Fortify collection’s ingredients are produced and supplied in accordance with Naturex’s standards of traceability and transparency. Fortify Ginseng, for example, is grown on small and medium sized farms in northeast China using sustainable agricultural practices that place a high priority on preserving the land and the environment. Working in collaboration with Naturex, ginseng farmers in the region implement an on-going program of environmental stewardship, under which biodiversity is encouraged, weeding is conducted manually to minimize pesticide use, and trees are planted to offset carbon emissions.

Delivering the wow-factor

Our approach at Cosmetagora will be to unlock nature’s beauty secrets and showcase some of the most exciting natural actives available today. Consumers love to be inspired by innovative beauty products that deliver effective benefits. In tune with this, both Eliorelys™ and the new Fortify range deliver high performance and a wow-factor that shoppers will love,” said Stéphanie Puel, Personal Care Director for Naturex.

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