In partnership with Amazon, N.A.E. further enhances its commitment to sustainability with an eCommerce pilot project featuring reduced packaging material and optimized supply chain methods.

N.A.E.’s new plastic-free Solids Box is available for purchase in Germany, Italy and France and can be ordered exclusively on Amazon. Each box contains a solid face, body and shampoo bar as well as a reusable soap pouch. The solid bars from N.A.E. are vegan, certified organic and contain ingredients with 99% natural origin.

Reduced packaging in and outside

The three bars in the Solids Box come without any additional packaging and are thus “naked”. This way, no additional material is used for the wrapping of single items inside the box.

The quantity of material has also been reduced for the outer packaging. The box is made from 100% FSC-certified paper and is ready for shipment without using any secondary packaging from Amazon. Only an address label is needed so that the boxes, which fit into any regular mailbox, are ready to be sent to consumers.

According to Henkel, the packaging is “frustration-free” meaning that it is easy to handle and - more importantly - that all its materials are 100% recyclable. “The plastic-free packaging and water-reduced formulas of the solids make this project a great example of accelerating sustainability,” said the company in a release.

Simplified supply chain

Beyond the reduction of packaging material, Henkel also worked on the simplification of supply chain processes. Since the products are directly supplied in the paper container itself, the boxes are ready for dispatch and do not need to be additionally packed, which again allows to skip certain steps in the supply chain.

In 2018, Henkel set up its sustainability targets for 2025, with the aim that 100% of the group’s packaging being recyclable, reusable or compostable.