While concerns about the quality and composition of products remain the main reason behind the evolution of purchasing behaviors, environmental concerns are becoming a new lever for change. There is a real quest for meaning in consumption”, explains Charlotte Le Buhan, Marketing Manager France at Henkel Beauty Care.

N.A.E. debuts solid cosmetics with a shampoo bar

Thus, 69% of French people say they are ready to buy products from companies that demonstrate their transparency and integrity, and 71% say they are ready to buy products from companies that really respect the environment.

In order to address the evolution of the European consumption model, the group has chosen to transition all of its brands [2] towards a greener positioning. "Henkel wants to be a pioneer in offering more sustainable, and more responsible cosmetics that are accessible to everyone", continues Charlotte Le Buhan.

In 2020, all of Henkel Beauty Care’s innovations are therefore designed to incorporate more natural ingredients and be more responsible, including: botanical active ingredients for Diadermine Lift+, a shampoo bar for N.A.E., the organic brand launched by the group at the end of 2018, Schwarzkopf launches Nature Moments, an eco-labeled hair care brand with a minimum of 92% ingredients of natural origin, etc.

Bottles of the Fa Ocean Passion line are made from 100% recycled plastic, and include 50% of plastic collected on beaches

As far as packaging is concerned, Henkel is generalizing the use FSC-certified cardboards (i.e. cardboards sourced from sustainably managed forests), reducing the volume of plastic of certain jars and is massively incorporating a part of recycled plastics in its packaging materials. For instance, the Fa Ocean Passion line features two shower gels in bottles made of 100% recycled plastic, including 50% of plastic collected on beaches.

According to the same line, the various brands of the group are also committed alongside various associations dedicated to social or environmental causes.