We have noticed that many parents who buy products for their children also use them for themselves,” says Marilla Mesquita, marketing and CSR manager at Mustela in Brazil. The brand therefore began by extending efficacy studies of certain existing lines, such as sun protection, before developing products specifically intended for family use.

Products for the whole family

In 2021, Mustela launched its organic BIO line in Brazil, before launching its new multifunctional organic balm, which draws on the benefits of avocado to restore and hydrate the skin of all family members, whatever their age.

For Mustela, this new positioning is much more than a means of winning over new consumers, it is also part of a responsible approach to avoid multiplying purchases of products that would only fit for some members of the family.

Consumers are increasingly looking for natural or organic and vegan products. But we have also seen a strong demand for simplicity, through multifunctional products that serve different family members,” Marilla Mesquita points out.

The brand therefore plans to expand its offering of family products over the years. “We are going to launch a solid shampoo for the body and hair, which will be part of our BIO range, both offering a vegan, organic and biodegradable formula enriched with avocado and olive oils for the whole family,” says the marketing manager.

Local production

In 2023, Mustela will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its entry on the Brazilian market. The brand now intends to gain in efficiency by producing locally some of its iconic items. In addition, the brand plans to start developing new products in Brazil as early as 2024, in order to better meet the specific needs of national consumers.

This strategy is fully aligned with our commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, as well as to positively impact communities and co-create 100% of our new products with families, ensuring that future generations grow up healthy and on a healthy planet,” continues Marilla Mesquita.

Sold in almost 10,000 points of sale in Brazil, mainly in the pharmaceutical retail channel and in e-commerce, Mustela has doubled its turnover in the country every three years. “We are already the brand’s sixth biggest subsidiary and we still have great potential for growth. Brazil is therefore one of the Mustela’s priority markets,” concludes the manager.