Mustela’s new Multi-Purpose Balm with Three Avocado Extracts promises to nourish, restore and protect any dry areas of the face and body such as the neck, arms, hands, elbows, knees, feet, lips and cuticles. With this launch, the Expanscience Group’s brand, known for its expertise in the baby and child care products, wants to open a new chapter in its history by building on the its expertise in skin care and plant extraction to expand its scope to skin and body care products for the entire family.

Upcycled organic avocados from Peru

For this first foray into family cosmetics, Mustela has developed a multi-purpose product, presented as "an easy way to consume better" through a reduction in the number of products in the bathroom while making life easier for parents.

"This product is emblematic of our commitments and our know-how", explains Clémence Menez, Marketing Director Mustela France.

A B Corp certified company since 2018, a label awarded to businesses that balance purpose and profit, Mustela has crafted the product using the emblematic ingredient of the Expanscience group: Peru’s organic avocado upcycled from the agro-food industry byproducts. Certified organic by Ecocert, the balm contains 99.7% of natural ingredients and is EWG Verified, meaning that it is free from any ingredients of concern as defined by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). It contains no perfume or dye, its colour and smell being naturally given by avocados.

"The avocado is the star of this product, it is a fruit with high nutritional values, studied and used by Mustela for many years. It provides the balm with three complementary substances: fats, derived from oil, rare sugars, some of which the avocado is one of the rare fruits to contain, and antioxidant polyphenols”, underlines Sophie Leclere-Bienfait, Director of Innovation and Research and Development on Active & Natural Ingredients.

Supplied from sources assessed by the UEBT, the avocados are transformed at the Expanscience plant in Peru thanks to patented processes. Then, the ingredients are shipped to France where they will be used in many of the group’s products, including the new Baume Universel.

"Transforming avocados where they are produced not only helps to preserve their qualities but also limits the environmental impact of the entire process, by limiting the volumes that are shipped", adds Maëla Le Mercier-Pinier, Mustela Product Manager at Laboratoires Expanscience.

An infinitely recyclable tube

The Multi-Purpose Balm with Three Avocado Extracts comes in an aluminium tube, a material that has been preferred to plastic for its ability to be infinitely recycled.

"For the moment, we are using virgin aluminium, but we are in full swing to find a way to use recycled aluminium tubes for even more circularity," says Mustela in a statement.

According to the brand, another advantage of aluminium is that it can be bended thus allowing maximum formula delivery (up to 10% more product compared to a conventional plastic tube).

The first product in the brand’s new family range, which will have a specific logo and packaging, Multi-Purpose Balm with Three Avocado Extracts was launched in France at the end of last year.