Olivier Salaun nailed his colours to the mast shortly after his appointment as head of Marvinpac: MS Beautilab - the Beauty Division of the Swiss group - would benefit from significant investments in order to strengthen its product portfolio, its innovation capabilities and its geographic reach.

Dubbed “Pulse 2025”, the company’s strategy aims to strengthen its skincare and make-up as well as its international development. MS Beautilab has just taken a first step with the acquisition of GI Piccos Cosmetics, an Italian makeup manufacturer specializing in coloured powders.

Top Injection technologies

Gi Picco’s technology is next-generation in powder manufacturing. They offer incredibly creative and attractive solutions that are influenced by the world of design, art and Italian fashion. It has been in GI Picco’s DNA since 1967,” explains Olivier Salaun. "They are also very much anchored in a sustainable and economic reality to respond to brands globally."

According to Irene Inguaggiato, General Manager of Gi Picco’s, the Italian company has a perfect mastery of cutting edge technologies such as Top Injection, which makes it possible to formulate powders from a mix of solid and liquids. “This allows for a more creamy, luxurious and luminous formula, which is higher in iridescence than pressed powders”, she says.

Enrico Colombo, Director of Operations, specifies: “Unlike Back-Injection, Top Injection lets several shades to be poured without a separator, allowing for varied compositions, three-dimentional decorations and the customization of a palette. Patterns that are raised or embossed, pearlescence, glitter effects, - anything is possible!

This is a beautiful illustration of Gi Picco’s motto: L’idea diventa colore (“The idea becomes colour”).

Following this merger MS BeautiLab now operates three make-up and skincare R&D laboratories (located in France, Italy and Switzerland), and four production sites including a full service facility in Czech Republic.

Other international developments are expected, especially in North America. To be continued !