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Michelle Pfeiffer chooses Verescence’s recycled glass for her new fragrance collection

For Henry Rose, her brand-new perfume collection inspired from the clean beauty trend, Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer has called on Verescence’s glass expertise for recycled and 100% recyclable high-end glass bottles.

The bottle, with its round-shaped shoulders and its thick glass base, is a standard from Verescence’s La Collection (Bowie, 50 ml). It is made of Verescence’s Verre Infini NEO®, high-end recycled glass made of 90% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. Made of 25% post-consumer recycled glass (PCR), 65% in-house cullet and only 10% raw materials, this glass offers high levels of transparency and glossiness while allowing a significant reduction in the environmental impact.

Indeed, from the creation of the five fragrances to the packaging, Henry Rose perfumes form part of a coherent sustainable approach based on complete transparency around the ingredient and environmental compliance. Symbol of meets these requirements.

According to Verescence, their Verre Infini NEO® consequently allowed to reduce the carbon footprint by 6% and water consumption by 7% for the production of Henry Rose’s glass bottles. [1]



[1Study conducted with Verescence’s life cycle analysis tool (LCA)

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