Michelle Pfeiffer is putting her stamp on the fragrance industry with a new line of scents that aims to be completely transparent about its ingredients and takes inspiration from the principles of the "clean beauty" movement. The Hollywood star has unveiled Henry Rose, a new perfume brand named after her children, John Henry and Claudia Rose.

Michelle Pfeiffer, has unveiled her new perfume brand Henry Rose. Photo © Michelle Pfeiffer / Instagram

The collection is reportedly the first fragrance line to be certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) - it was developed in partnership with Ken Cook, the organization’s president and cofounder - as well as being Cradle to Cradle certified. The status means the line adheres to the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. The packaging is based on recycled materials: the bottles are made of recycled and 100% recyclable glass, and the secondary packs are made from recycled cardboard.

Another ethical choice is to offer customers full transparency on the ingredients featured in the five fragrances that make up this new olfactory line. The ingredients list for each scent is available for consumers to check on the brand’s website: henryrose.com

"From the beginning, fragrance has been shrouded in mystery," the star wrote on Instagram, announcing her latest project. "Today, we are cracking open the last black box of transparency in personal care. I’m so pleased to introduce @henryrose, a journey I’ve been on for nearly a decade."

Dubbed ‘Last Light,’ ‘Dark Is Night,’ ‘Jake’s House,’ ‘Torn’ and ‘Fog’, the first five different genderless scents of the brand evoke places, persons and memories beloved by the US actress.

Only available online, on the brand’s website, all the fragrances are sold at US $ 120 (about EUR 107). Samples can also be purchased for USD 20 (approximately EUR 18).