Annette Der Minassian, Vahé Der Minassian and Isaure de la Noue, cofounders of Metapack

Premium Beauty News - It took only 20 years for Metapack to become a key player in luxury packaging. How did you find your own place?

Annette Der Minassian - We entered the market with innovative, multi-material technical solutions developed by our China-based partners at attractive costs. At that time, we mainly focused on advertising and promotional activities. But in the 2000s, we quickly oriented our business towards luxury, in particular thanks to Zamak. We provided the industry with advanced technical opportunities that resulted in luxury products. We capitalized on our historical Chinese partners, while controlling the manufacturing process, which helped us quickly go upmarket. Our ability to manage both small series and large volumes led us to also work with niche perfume brands starting from 2010 – we are very present on this segment, now.

Premium Beauty News - What are Metapack’s strengths?

Annette Der Minassian - We formed a solid technical team that could meet both major groups’ and emerging brands’ needs. The whole design and development phase takes place in our Paris office, which counts 13 employees. As for manufacturing, we rely on our Chinese partners with whom we have shared experience for 20 years. We opened an office in Hong Kong in 2003 to follow up our projects and production. Our customers appreciate our ability to deal with the most complex briefs, and if demand requires it, we also offer manufacturing solutions in Europe.

Premium Beauty News - You meet demand with tailor-made designs, but do you also have a standard range?

Isaure de la Noue - Indeed, our knowledge of multi-material tools helps us develop a whole range of bespoke solutions. We have also offered standard ranges for three years – they are very appealing to niche brands. Our moulds are designed for easy customization. These ranges are only designed for refillable products: Zamak-based bag sprays, four concrete case bases, lipstick casing… We endeavour to meet the expectations of high-end, mobile, responsible research. The idea is to make consumers want to keep their pieces.

Premium Beauty News - So, you have also got an office in New York?

Isaure de la Noue - We opened it in 2013 to meet the needs of the American market. It works extremely well, so we will inaugurate a showroom later this year as a complement.

Premium Beauty News - How do you see the future of your company?

Annette Der Minassian - We will preserve our specificities, because that is what makes a difference. We will keep federating, innovating, and opening to other European partners. We will also keep listening to innovative companies that can provide our customers with a worthy service, and finding new, closer alchemies. And of course, we will keep growing: we aim to reach a 20-million-euro turnover for our 20th anniversary, and we are not far from it.