Meiyume, the beauty arm of the Fung Group, launches Canvas, its latest sustainable packaging range for the face and lips. The line is designed to be simple, so it leaves room for brands interpretation.

Drawing parallels to a blank canvas brought to life with a splash of paint, the outer packaging is purposefully minimalistic to allow the colour formulation within to take centre stage. The Canvas range integrates simple, sustainable materials such as paper, aluminium, and PCR. Amongst the curation, a few of the highlights include mono-material PCR PET and aluminium lipstick tubes, paper and moulded pulp push-up sticks, dual-function refillable sticks, and slim-sized options.

In addition to primary packaging, the range also includes secondary packaging for lipstick refills. The refill packs are made of two simple parts – a moulded pulp front and a cardboard backing. Moulded pulp offers flexibility and can be shaped to accentuate the contours of the product within. The flat cardboard on the back provides a place for product information to be printed.

Alongside these product packaging options, the Canvas line offers vanity clutches to complete the consumer’s beauty experience. Brands can opt for sustainable materials such as RPET or Piñatex, a low-impact material largely made up of pineapple plant leaves, to create go-clutches that can hold a lipstick and up to two refills.

Meiyume can decorate the range to fit with the brands’ DNA and the story they want to tell.