The Hong-Kong based provider of product solutions for fragrance, skincare, and colour cosmetics, and digital retail solutions for the beauty industry has introduced a new option for sustainable packaging: the Smart Refill System.

Jar and capsule mechanism

The new range operates on a jar and capsule mechanism. The thick, weighted outer jar evokes a feeling of sturdiness, and the minimalist PP (polypropylene) inner cup with a removable top seal can be changed and replaced. Not only are both parts recyclable, they can also be made from PCR (post-consumer resin).

The specificity of this system is the intuitive yet durable mechanism that allows consumers to replenish their product easily and quickly with a simple push-and-release of the inner capsule, whilst the outer jar is practically made to retain its high quality despite long time use.

Once a nice but niche ideal, refillable beauty is now more mainstream than ever as it appeals to an ever-growing conscious consumer base,” highlights Meiyume.

Plastic reduction

According to Meiyume, the sustainable impact of the Smart Refill System is significant: one Smart Refill Jar & Capsule with two refills is already a 52% plastic weight reduction when compared to using three regular jars.